Will the NBA finish its season in Vegas?

There is a good chance that the remaining NBA season will start and finish in Las Vegas. It is rumored that 30 teams will descend on Sin City in July for the Summer League. The COVID pandemic has created chaos and confusion in the world of sports, and the NBA is not an exception. Despite the social distancing rule implementation over the past three months, COVID cases continue to proliferate, but thankfully the number of people dying has decreased. Sadly many businesses have had to close down, and an untold number have closed permanently. But the folks over at the NBA know that if they do not open up for business, they will hemorrhage into bankruptcy.

The NBA is a billion-dollar business in the USA, and lots of jobs are at stake. Almost every NBA manager agrees that they should open up, but first, they should ensure that all precautions are in place. The plan is to finish the NBA season without compromising the safety of the people.

 So now, the Commissioner of the NBA thinks that Las Vegas is the perfect place to complete the season. The NBA has great relationships with the arenas and hotels in Las Vegas, and it is one of the few cities that is fully equipped to hold such an event.

 Right now, discussions are being held on how to conduct testing, where the teams will stay and play. In addition, thousands of support staff will be needed to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Plus, one should not forget the media because NBA games are telecast all over the globe. The biggest hurdle right now is improved and rapid testing for the coronavirus. 

The NBA is fully cognizant that it has a social responsibility to the city and the fans; the last thing the NBA wants is to increase the spread of the virus in the general population. With the thousands of tests and thermometers needed, this will surely take a big bite from the profits. As far as fans are concerned, the games will be played without them; the games will be shown on TV-hopefully for free.