Rumors swirl over a potential Las Vegas NBA team

Las Vegas has been a top contender for an NBA team for many years. The city may be small, but it attracts millions of sports-minded tourists. Recently, league bigwigs again brought up the possibility of Las Vegas getting an NBA franchise. The city already has several large arenas and the infrastructure- all it needs is a team.

A plan put forth by MGM Resorts suggests that games can be held on their properties without fans until the COVID-19 pandemic is over. The MGM has three outstanding arenas, including the T-Mobile Arena, the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and the Mandalay Bay Arena.

Even ex NBA player, Shaq O'Neill is optimistic that Sin City may be getting an NBA franchise. In a recent podcast, he said, "I hear in the grapevine that there are a couple of teams for sale, and one may be going to Vegas." 

As to which team will be moving to Las Vegas, it is not yet known, but rumors point to the San Antonio Spurs. Two years ago, the WNBA team from San Antonio moved to las Vegas, and it has been an outstanding success, so there is no reason why the men's team can't follow suit.

For the past two decades, Las Vegas has successfully hosted the NBA summer league, and perhaps time is just ripe for an NBA team. 

An announcement by the NBA will be made soon.