Cheap daily rates (plus resort fees)

If you are planning to visit Vegas, you better start booking. The city is finally opening up, and hotels have started to offer great deals. The famous Excalibur is only charging $30 a night per person- and you will not find such a rate anywhere in Vegas. Plus the hotel is not bad. 

Besides its grand casino, the Excalibur has great staff, exquisite views depending on which room you occupy, and several decent, cheap restaurants on-premises. You can watch all the sports you want at the upgraded sportsbook and gamble like crazy. Play with your kids in the fun dungeon or have a wild night with your partner at one of the hotel's signature shows. 

The one drawback- the Excalibur still charges a $40 daily resort fee. This includes your parking, wifi, and fitness room access. So, your total room cost is closer to $70 per night. Still, this is a great price for a Strip hotel. If you're only in Vegas to party or gamble and want a basic room that's in the thick of the action, a stay at the Excalibur is worth every penny.  You're not going to impress anyone with the swankiness of your room, but you won't have to walk far to find something exciting happening. 

Ask the front desk clerk for a room upgrade if you're feeling lucky. You might be able to get  one for free. A crisp $20 might do the trick as well.