Your Downtown Bookstore

The Writer's Block bookshop is one of the rare gems that Las Vegas holds. It's also the only independent bookstore in Las Vegas and the southern Nevada area. The store opened its doors in 2014, and the masterminds behind its existence are Drew Cohen and Scott Seeley. The store sits in The Lucy, an arts and culture center in Downtown Las Vegas. It occupies vast space on two levels, with the higher level dedicated to processing client orders at this time when most sales are online sales.

The bookstore has approximately 18,000 titles. Each title has only a few copies available as the store targets variety as opposed to quantity. Since the reading culture is not as famous in Vegas as in other major cities, most sales come from books that have been around for a while instead of the latest publications.

The pandemic affected many businesses, and the bookstore was no exception. Initially, the store closed its doors, but soon after made a comeback, using Book manager, making it easy to shift operations online. It opened later in June under strict guidelines and with fewer operating hours. 

With the challenges of the pandemic, the management finds the buyer traffic to be fair given the circumstances. There are fewer tourists in the city, affecting the numbers. 

The Artificial Bird Sanctuary

In addition to the books, another unique feature is the artificial bird sanctuary with many stuffed species for sale. Much of the decor is affiliated with birds, for example, a cash register enclosed in a copy birdcage frame, some resident “psychic peacocks,” and a stuffed pigeon, King Pigeon, that answers questions asked by clients in letters. Among the wildlife not related to birds is Baron, an elderly rabbit that lives in a cage near the kid’s section. Baron has been with the bookstore since it opened.

Future Plans

Plans for the bookstore include producing the store's own branded stationery, bookmarks, cards, and more for sale. The store has had very few author events, and currently, this is a difficult option as the cancellation of book tours and other similar events are still in place.


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